The Importance of Style and Fashion

The two terms are sometimes used interchangeably, but actually have distinct differences. Fashion is typically the dominant cultural style in a society at a particular time. Fashion generally refers to cultural trends: it refers to the ways of dressing through a period. Fashion shows, editorials, television programs, celebrities, and socially influencers all then come up with new trends, which then become famous and pass on to the next generation. Therefore, talking about fashion and style isn’t necessarily the same.

Style and Fashion

In contrast, style is the way you dress according to the current trends, influenced by your personal taste and attitude. For example, if you are interested in funky clothing then it’s likely you will dress in a fashion manner that is funky. In contrast, if you want to look stylish then it’s highly probable that you’ll wear classic clothes. Both styles can be fashionable, and both are timeless. The only difference is how the clothes are worn.

Style and fashion are subjective terms; meaning what is considered stylish or fashionable is determined by each individual’s personal criteria, which differ greatly from person to person. So, when determining what makes an outfit fashionable, there are several things that one has to take into account. Style and fashion are not the same thing; fashion is usually affected by trends, whereas style is usually affected by the kind of clothes an individual likes. For example, if you like hip-hop clothes, then the outfit is more than likely going to be trendy. However, this doesn’t mean that every hip-hop outfit is stylish, because you would also have to consider how the clothes were worn, for example, a jacket that is very trendy may look tacky if it is worn in a manner that is very unfashionable.