Style and Fashion – What’s the Difference?

Fashion and Style are two different things. While fashion is what’s in currently, it has a very short period of time and is often transient. Style on the other hand is timeless and often permanent. Fashion is simply a fashion that makes people follow suit, while fashion is merely a creation of people that makes others follow suit for there entire lives.

Style and Fashion

One can argue that Style can be used to either directly or indirectly effect all other factors of fashion. For example, certain fashions may be considered fashionable today because they are popular among a certain group of people. However, fashion does not have to have direct influence on the popularity or current trends. This is because certain fashions become popular due to their combination with trends created by other people.

The combination of current trends with fashions is also a great way to achieve a desired style. For instance, when jeans were first introduced to the market, it took several years for them to gain popularity amongst the general public. This popularity was not only based upon the fact that they were comfortable and easy to wear, but also because they helped decrease the weight of the average person. Thus, the combination of jeans and stylish tops became a fashion trend that was later copied by many clothing lines and eventually all over the world.