Print on Demand: Online Business eases Customer Demand

Print on demand is simply a printing technology and company method where book copies are often not printed as soon as the company gets an order, enabling small prints of either single or multiple copies to be made without the customer needing to do anything. The printing process is not unlike that of inkjet or laser printers where a print job is made directly from a computer file using ink. The difference is that the print company is able to take a file, receive a request for a print and have it printed within hours, sometimes even minutes. This method can be very cost effective for the small businesses and home businesses looking to save money on printing needs.

print on demand

One of the advantages of using a print on demand service is that companies are able to get small, unique images onto booklets, flyers, envelopes, pamphlets and other marketing and advertising materials that would cost double or triple what a print run would cost through the normal channels. Small businesses often find themselves in tight budgets and printing large quantities can become very expensive. Many print companies offer a huge variety of products and designs to meet every need. These companies can also work with clients to design and create a print campaign or business identity to go along with a marketing piece. The designs range from basic designs to extremely detailed, hand painted images.

Some print on demand sites even offer artists a chance to display their work. Some of the more popular designs that customers love the most are children’s designs, holiday designs, animal designs, logos and company logos. A lot of these designs are also printable and many of them can be resized to fit any given page size. The best thing about this type of service is that it can work with any size print, whether it’s an online store or a physical location. There are also many different projects that can be printed such as brochures, letterheads, manuals, newsletters, business cards and more.