Fashion and Style

Fashion is the most dominant cultural trend at a given time in a civilization. Talking about fashion is usually not the same as talking about fashion, but they’re both terms which are often mistaken; fashion is an impersonal prevailing, sometimes imposed and temporary, trend, on the other hand the fashion is unique to every individual, it’s durable and personal; while, the fashion as a concept refers to particular items of clothing, accessories and so on, which we wear for a particular season, popular amongst specific classes of people. It could be said that fashion started as a reaction to the lack of variety in available items, such as different materials, weaving methods and styles, with increased complexity in the designs, colors and materials used. With the progress in art and literature, there was also an increase in the industries that produced textiles, linen, leather goods and the like.

Style and Fashion

Today the primary role of fashion, as in the past, is to provide a basic uniform to which the clothes can be fitted according to taste and necessity, to make the clothes look elegant and stylish. But as far as the style of clothes goes, it varies from individual to individual. Every culture has its own personalized fashion that expresses its personality, values and traditional norms. Fashion is one of the major categories of art, whose practice and importance are recognized by all, both in the arts and sciences. Fashion design as a profession involves understanding human psychology, visual psychology, sociocultural psychology, production and concept of beauty, cultural theory and cognitive processes.

Style and Fashion are an indispensable part of any individual’s life. One may wear whatever he or she likes, as long as it’s fashionable, comfortable and pleasing to the eye. Most of the celebrities we see today, whether they like it or not, have their own personal styles and fashion. They know that to look good on TV, in movies or in public is what makes them popular. In most cases they do not even bother about how their clothes fit, as long as they look good. A celebrity is nothing without his or her personal brand.