Menswear Trends From The 2000s

Men’s fashion is a subject that has occupied the collective attention of fashion experts, fashion designers, wardrobe stylists and consumers alike for decades. Fashion trends are always changing but the items that are associated with the change of trends tend to get discounts and sales frequently. For the retailers, this translates to an opportunity to increase their profit margin through various means. For instance, sales and discounts can be made if the menswear department in your store is upgraded to include the latest fashion trends.

mens fashion

One of the most popular items associated with men’s fashion trends in the recent times are menswear trends involving detachable collars. It seems as if everyone these days has a collar attached to their shirt or blouse; it might just be the finishing touch to an otherwise average outfit. Collars are an item that is designed to be able to be worn many different ways and for different occasions. This is what makes them a popular choice amongst consumers because they are not just restricted to being worn with work shirts and blouses, which are the traditional uses for collars.

Boat shoes are also gaining popularity with men as they can be worn with both formal and casual wear and because boat shoes were originally manufactured for use in the water, they tend to be quite versatile in their usage. The rise of celebrities such as David Beckham, Sir Elton John and Pierce Brosnan have all meant a surge in the popularity of menswear as well as boat shoes and other accessories relating to fashion. With the rise in popularity, it is expected that the market for accessories including menswear and boat shoes will continue to grow in numbers as demand continues to increase.