Men’s Fashion Week Trends 2021

Many people are surprised to learn that Les Claypool was in fact a men’s fashion adviser. The real life fashion adviser to the stars, Les Claypool designed many of the fashions for the likes of Jean Paul Gaultier, Sir Hardy Amies, Terry Richardson, David Bowie, and numerous others. A very accomplished person in his career, Les Claypool always kept a sharp eye on current fashion trends, and he knew that men were attracted to woman who knew how to accessorize properly. He was a tireless publicist for many of the most recognized designers in the world, and he constantly kept in touch with the fashion industry by being a consultant for numerous different fashion shows. In fact, he was such a trusted consultant for many different designers that some of them were actually turned off by his intense involvement with their designs, yet he was able to get them to try new designs and he always made sure that they were successful.

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Les Claypool was born in grocer’s block in Picetch, France where his father ran a general store. He learned early on that he had a talent for helping people because of his genuine care for his friends and family, and he always made sure that they were taken care of. He attended the local grammar school known as the Collatoise, and in his freshman year, he made the honor roll and was nominated for the Academic Excellence Award. He studied art in college at the Collatoise, and then he pursued a degree in Interior Design at the Ecole Polytechnique.

He then joined the elite boutique Des Baux-de-Provence, which is named after the ancient Roman road that connected Italy to Greece, and this allowed him to travel around Europe and visit some of the greatest and most famous attractions in Europe. There, he also began designing men’s clothing, and in particular, catalogs for clothing lines such as Les Claypools. Known for his unique designs, Les Claypools cette saison became a smash success when it was first released. However, it was not long before other designers began emulating the style, and his name soon became synonymous with high fashion among the elite. In addition, he has also opened his own design boutique, called Le Baux-de-Provence, and this has led to him designing many more different men’s clothing line, including one for celebrities called Les Familiaux.