How to Prepare for Second Fitting at Your Tailor

For the hip hop, rap and dance musician, custom clothing is an essential part of a performance. Just as the name implies, the clothing you choose to wear during your performances should reflect you and your music. You will be performing in front of an audience and most of these people are also fans of your music so your choice of clothes should be something that they would love to see on them. For example, if you are playing in front of a big crowd at a concert, your pants and shirt should be loose and comfortable so that your performance can be shown in its best form. Apart from your attire, you should also consider the type of shoes, make up and accessories that you wear to get the best possible look for your custom clothing.

It is essential that when you choose custom clothing that you choose the right type of material for your clothes fit. If you choose a fabric that is too thick, it will make you feel like you are suffocating while if the material is too thin, it can lead to skin irritation. When choosing a fabric for your clothes fit, make sure that it is stretchy because it can help your clothes to shrink after you have worn them for awhile. On top of this, another aspect of choosing the right material is that it should not crease easily. The crease should be uniform all over your body.

Once you have the perfect material for your custom clothing, you should consider the cut of the garments. The cut of the clothes should be such that it cuts the leg in the same manner as it cuts the rest of your body. The final product should meet your expectations regarding your fashion forward appearance and comfort. Your second fitting session with your tailor should consist of telling him what you want in terms of aesthetics and functionality. With the perfect fit, creativity and quality fabrics to choose from, you should be ready to present your best at your second fitting session.