How Are Men’s Fashion Trends Changing?

Men’s fashion is usually thought of as being limited to the fashion of the high-street. But there are some truly great fashion trends coming out of the major cities in the UK, and even other countries such as Italy, where men’s fashion has really taken off. A good example is the men’s polo shirt, which is growing in popularity. It used to be that this style of shirt was only worn by sporty, slightly rebellious type of guys – but with the number of styles available now, it is perfectly acceptable for everyday wear.

Like the mr porter, the new style in men’s polo shirts is very much a part of the current trend of casual dressing. There are a huge number of different options available, from the classic polo shirt to the more recent trend towards the slightly smarter ‘box’ style of shirt, complete with a V-neckline. The main difference between these two books is the way the V-necklines have been incorporated into the style, making it look less like a polo shirt and more like a casual sports necktie. Both look cool, casual and smart at the same time, making them a real winner.

Another trend that is starting to appear in men’s fashion more frequently is the baggy jeans look. This is something of a departure from the ‘long term favourites’ but has been present in fashion for quite some time, so is definitely not a new concept. The key difference is that the baggy jeans look is made more comfortable and indeed fashionable, by the increasing use of soft fabrics in their design. In previous years it would have been perfectly acceptable for men to wear jeans, without the soft fabrics. But now the baggy jeans are taking over for men’s fashion, due to the extra comfort and stylish factor they bring.