Fashion Styles That Intersect

Street style is clothing that has been worn not in boutiques, or trendy shops, but in the streets. It is a kind of urban fashion that harkens back to the days when people would gather in public places like shopping malls or markets, and they would freely dress in whatever was available to them. Street style is very closely associated with youth culture, which is why it is most frequently seen in metropolitan cities. It is also seen among artists, graffiti writers, and many others.

Street style

However, there is no hard and fast rule for wearing street style clothes. Everyone who wears something that is not in the accepted standards of the fashion style may be viewed negatively by the public, which tends to look down upon such unaccepted styles. Thus, many British fashion designers have developed a unique style that is neither mainstream nor street fashion, but something in between. British designers are at the forefront of pushing this fashion style forward, as it is now catching on in countries all over the world, especially in places like Japan.

This new trend is beginning to catch up in the United Kingdom, too, but it is still considered relatively underground compared to other countries, especially those in Europe. Many individuals do not identify with the subcultural implications of street fashion. The increasing popularity of this fashion style means that more individuals will become involved in this burgeoning trend. The increasing interconnectivity of different cultures and the increasing influence of the internet means that more styles of clothing will continually emerge.