Fashion and Style

What is Fashion? Fashion is the leading cultural trend in a society at a particular time. Fashion generally refers to new designs: it includes popular ways of dressing during a particular era. Fashion additionally showcases current styles of dressing, to emphasize current fashionable trends.

Style and Fashion

What is Fashion? In today’s world clothes are often associated as accessories for the personalities of people. It is the art of dressing up to make a first impression on other people, which often means that the clothes you wear should reflect your way of life. One of the things that define a style is the way the clothes fit one. Most often you will see people wearing uncoordinated or mismatched clothes, but fashion world considers it an unacceptable way to present oneself.

Today, most teenagers like to wear cool, unique clothes, which make them stand out from the crowd. Elia Aguilera, known by her stage name “Girl Got Boobs”, believes that every girl should look like a diva, which requires her to wear clothes which are original, eye-catching and original. She believes that wearing clothes and accessories that make you feel like you are someone special is what style really means. This is evident from the large number of teenage girls who are dressed like stars. In the same way, it also explains why Style and Fashion are considered as a very important factor in a person’s personality.