DIY Clothing Hacks

When it comes to clothes and fashion, there certainly s little reason for an enthusiastic fashion hack, particularly when all it takes is just a few easy cuts, a little measuring and tying, and no sewing machine of any kind. Here are a couple of no sew DIY clothes hacks which will enable you to make stunning pieces of fashionable clothing and transform your wardrobe with very little skill or effort at all. The first of these no sew clothes hacks is called the jersey pinstripe. This is essentially a long piece of material which you can use to create tops, bottoms and even belts. You can sew the pinstripe to the top part of the fabric (it doesn’t need to be entirely covering the material), or you can leave it free flowing, so that it drapes over the top and bottom like a beautiful shirt.

You can learn how to make a jersey pinstripe by following one of the two different methods outlined in the tutorial on this page. If you choose to follow the first method, then you will need a large sewing needle (a common 3/4 inches will do) and of course, a jersey pin. As part of the no sew diy clothing hack, the tutorial tells you to remove the back pocket of your previous shirt, and then gather the material around the waist area, before pinning the material to the front of your t-shirt. To complete the job you should also cut out a slit for the buttons, and hem the seams to make the finished product slightly shorter than you would normally end up with.

The second no sew diy clothing project involves sewing together strips of denim, to form shorts, skirts and even pants. In this case, you will again need a needle and some denim fabric, which you can either purchase from your local craft shop or borrow from a friend. To finish the project you should use some hot glue and hem the edges to make the short trousers look more like a set of shorts.