Custom Clothing Basics

Custom clothing refers to tailored and personalized garments that are created and tailored by a seamstress. Sewing machines have been around for some time, but in recent years, the term custom has taken on a more defined meaning. A tailor can create a garment from a pattern and a fabric with the specific requirements of the customer. The customer will usually provide measurements and help to choose the style of fabric that will best suit his or her body type and lifestyle. The tailor then designs and sews the garment to meet the customer’s specifications.

While custom clothing is made to measure, many garment sizes are sold on the open market as ready-made garments. These garments are typically machine made to fit a standard or normal size. To create special-sized items, a seamstress may make an error or cut a line in the fabric that is not meant to be there. To rectify this mistake, the seamstress must remake the piece from scratch with the proper dimensions so it will fit properly once made-to-measure. Custom clothing is made-to-measure so that it will fit the customer perfectly, no matter what their size.

In order to find a tailor who specializes in custom clothes, one must search high and low. Local directory listings and Internet websites such as Salehoo contain lists of local tailors who make custom clothes. A person can contact the store or shop through its Web site and ask for a list of tailors. If a person cannot find any, he or she can call friends and family for suggestions. When trying to locate custom clothes tailors, it is important to find one who is willing to take orders over the phone and is willing to estimate the time it will take to produce the item. It is also important to ask how long the item will be handmade and to get clear instructions on how to care for the clothing once it is completed and ready for use.